8A 12V Electronic Smart Charger. For use with batteries 1.2Ah – 192Ah in capacity (Lead Acid & AGM). Suitable for vehicles up to 5L (5000cc)

  • MP7428 8A 12V electronic smart charger fully automatic powerful smart charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles
  • Suitable for vehicles up to 5L (5000cc)
  • IP65
  • For use with batteries 1.2Ah – 192Ah in capacity (Lead Acid & AGM)
  • 9 stage charging cycle – automatically detects the battery voltage and condition before diagnosing, charging and reconditioning the battery
  • LCD display showing charging information (battery voltage; charging current; % of full battery capacity)
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and open circuit protection
  • 1.5m output leads fitted with insulated crocodile clips
  • LED error indicator for reverse polarity, short circuit or open circuit
  • Wall mountable robust case
  • Suitable for start/stop vehicles
  • High frequency charger – does not have a transformer
  • Supplied in modern display packaging
  • Suitable for: cars, 4×4’s, vans, caravans, motorhomes and tractors


How long does it take to recharge a flat battery?
An indication of the time required to recharge a flat battery can be calculated by the following formula:

Battery capacity in Ah x 1.25 / Charger rated output

The time required by any device to fully charge a battery can be effected by environmental conditions and battery condition. Maintenance charging will sustain a fully charged battery in optimum condition whilst minimising the risk of long-term damage to the battery due to either under-charging or over-charging.

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